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Social Issues Facing Children, by Delci C. Lev

Guide Entry to 92.01.06:

Under state law it is mandatory to provide students with educational information in the area of human growth and development, human sexuality, and AIDS prevention. On the sixth grade level, one semester of the Social Studies curriculum is devoted to the teaching of this material. It is hoped, by providing students with this information, we will prevent the spread of AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, and reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. “Social Issues Facing Children Today” will be incorporated into the above mandated material. It will give students the opportunity to view the family from multiple perspectives and the classroom as a laboratory to study the effect of the material taught and then apply it in a family setting, making choices based on the resources that each has at hand.

(Recommended for Social Development, Social Studies, and Family, grades 6-12)

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American Family Life Divorce Parenting

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