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Rediscovering the Aztec Indians, by Marisa Atanasoff-Frisk

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The unit “Rediscovering the Aztec Indians” is geared toward third and fourth graders. This unit can be used to teach Social Studies, or as a way to teach content-based foreign language. The aspects that are covered on the Aztecs are: cooking, food, the arts, and their way of life. Also includes a set of slides to be used in conjunction with the unit. This unit, a part of a curriculum that is being developed called “Sharing Our Language Through Culture,” also includes a set of slides.

The unit proposes that the language teacher implement a method which I have named “The Process Approach.” The method is a “see it, say it, do it” approach for teaching foreign language, using multi-sensory, multi-media methods. Hands-on activities are also suggested in the lessons.

(Recommended for Foreign Language, grades 3-7, and Social Studies, grades 3-8)

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