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America’s Urban Landscape, by Diane Platt

Guide Entry to 92.04.07:

This curriculum unit is designed for use in middle school art classes. I would also suggest its use in a Social Studies class examining the development of American urban life.

Because of the excellent collection of slides which accompanies this unit, it can be applied to all age levels.

The test is divided into three sections:

1. America’s Urban Landscape —When did artists begin to focus on the city as their subject matter?
2. Emerging Styles of the Twentieth Century - How has style been reflected by the artists of the city?
3. The City - What is my vision?
Sections one and two include background tests and questions for discussion. Section three focuses almost exclusively on activities for the classroom.

The collection of slides (70 in number) is an excellent tool for motivating the lessons contained in this unit as well as a wonderful collection to introduce modern art to your students. The slides are on file at the Institute office (53 Wall Street, New Haven) for you to borrow for use with your classes.

In answering the questions posed to each section this unit does not attempt a chronological presentation. Background of significant historical events will be included where applicable. Each section can also be used independently to augment an already existing lesson in place of your curriculum.

(Recommended for Art and Social Studies, grades 5-12)

Key Words

Urban American Art Modern New York City Life

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