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A View of Three Cultures Through The Eyes of Three Contemporary Women Writers, by Nicolette W. Perrault

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“A View of Three Cultures through the Eyes of Three Contemporary Women Writers” is a unit with universal appeal. It is a unit which focuses on the history, customs, traditions and beliefs of three diverse cultures. It exposes students to a form of literature which allows them to identify with heroes and heroines from cultures as diverse as their own, and exposes them to literary works with which they share a certain commonality.

This unit is based on the novels of three outstanding female writers who represent three diverse cultures: Toni Morrison, Denise Chavez, and Maxine Hong Kingston. The unit is designed so that it can be completed within nine weeks. A discussion on the role of women, specifically African American, Latino, and Asian women and how their roles have undergone change throughout the course of history, initiates the activities in the unit. The unit also focuses on the lives of the three women writers. Next, the award winning novels of the writers, “The Bluest Eye,” “The Women Warrior,” and “The Last of the Menu Girls” become the focus of discussion. The last part of the unit is characterized by numerous activities, including journal entries, creative and critical writing assignments, role play activities, composition and essay assignments, and various forms of artistic expression.

(Recommended for College Preparatory English III, grade 11)

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Multicultural Education Ethnicity Latin American Literature General Afro-American Women Authors Twentieth Century

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