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Integrating Folktales with “light Up the Sky,” New Haven’s Fifth Grade Reading Series, by Jean Sutherland

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Designed for a fifth grade self-contained classroom, this unit uses folktales as a means of expanding upon the themes presented in New Haven’s reading series “Treasury of Literature.” In particular, it targets the six major unit headings in the fifth grade text, “Light Up the Sky.” Although it focuses mainly upon African American, West Indian, Spanish American, and Native American tales, others are suggested, and the themes allow tales of many different origins to be applicable.

An attempt is also made to show how suggested tales may be used to provide additional insights and develop various topics covered in the fifth grade social studies program which investigates significant developments in United States history.

Some possible general approaches to examining and developing the different tales are suggested, along with three more specific lesson plans. It also seems possible that this unit could be used independent of the reading text, with the teacher providing her/his own general headings. If this were done, the unit would no longer be restricted to use with a fifth grade or with a particular reading text.

(Recommended for Reading, Grade 5)

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