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A Reflection of Societal Issues and Ills, by Marcella Monk Flake

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This unit was developed to introduce seventh-grade T.A.G. students to plays that reflect the trials and triumphs of African and Japanese Americans. This unit is full of history, and seeks to introduce students to cultures other than their own. There are self-esteem building, role-playing, creative writing and creative dramatics activities to reinforce the information presented. Historical events and information have been matched with plays that reflect them. This unit contains an original play, that will enlighten students as well as celebrate unity and brotherhood. The greater portion of a larger unit including Hispanics, and Jews, this unit will be used to enhance a present curriculum geared toward prejudice reduction. Some of the plays I have chosen to explore in this unit are “One Day When I Was Lost,” “The Secret Gifts,” “Freedom Train,” “Abe Lincoln and the Runaway Slaves,” “Umoja Be Proud, and Git On Board.” The aforementioned plays reflect segments of the African-American experience. The Japanese-American experience will be explored through the reading of Sotoba Komachi “Birds of Sorrow”, “The Madman on the Roof”, “The Wash and the Soul Shall Dance”.

(Recommended for History classes, Grades 7-10)

Key Words

American History Japanese American Race Relations Afro-American Multicultural Theater

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