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Language Arts and Reading in Theater, by Joyce Bryant

Guide Entry to 93.03.07:

This unit contains information that will introduce the students to the theater, how it was developed, the performers, how they receive training, the participants behind the scenes, and the history. The major focus of this unit is to improve students skills in reading, writing and language arts through language arts and reading in theater. The purpose of this unit is twofold, first to provide extracurricular resources for reading and writing and language arts, and to introduce students to the many facets of the theater which is part of their culture.

The factors in this unit are integrated so as to provide necessary information for studentsí pleasure, and it also carries with it easy motivation for studentsí exploration which will allow students to relate to real life situations and different cultures.

The theater by its specialized characteristics, makes it relevant to a classroom composed of several ethnic groups, which is typical in the New Haven school system.

(Recommended for Language Arts, Reading, Grade 8)

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