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A Playwriting Project for 8th Grade Theatre Students, by Jeff Farrell

Guide Entry to 93.03.08:

My curriculum unit features four distinct periods of activity over a 20-week span. The introductory period establishes a foundation for classroom behavior as well as a vocabulary for discussion. We will read ďAntigoneĒ for themes of the Individual vs. Society. The second period is the period of starting points in which I lead exercises/games and discussions to stimulate their imaginations. We will read scenes from Ibsenís ďAn Enemy of the PeopleĒ to continue our theme. The third period is a period of development in which the exercises and the discussion come together in writing assignments. In addition to writing our own individual scenes, we will read Latoya Hunterís book and begin to adapt scenes from its narrative. The fourth period is a period of completion in which students act out the scenes they bring in for homework, and then revise those scenes according to what happens in class. During this period, we may begin to prepare a theatrical adaptation of Latoya Hunterís autobiography. We submit finished work to Yale Childrenís Dramat contest in January.

(Recommended for Theatre courses, Grade 8-12)

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