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Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood: Understanding its Responsibilities and Impact on Life, by Beverly White

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When I read the section of the seminar description that dealt with teen pregnancy and parenthood, I was immediately interested because that is an issue in my classroom on a regular basis. Over the years several young women in my English classes have become pregnant. In fact, one of my students is about to become a mother for the second time. Possibly my curriculum unit will do nothing to prevent the pregnancies, but at least I would like to raise their consciousness to the grave mistake they are making and to the consequences of their choice.

Through the use of novels, articles, speakers and films students will be made aware of the problem and its potential for radically affecting the rest of their lives. The following are examples of novels that address the ramifications of adolescent pregnancy and parenthood.

Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones by Head is the story of a young couple faced with pregnancy.

My Darling, My Hamburger by Zindel deals with the issues of leaving school and estrangement from peers because of pregnancy.

(Recommended for American Literature, grades 11 or 12)

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