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Poetry Through the Eyes of the Actor, by Cleo Mary Coppa

Guide Entry to 94.02.04:

This unit is an introduction to poetry. As a drama teacher my goal is to incorporate poetry and drama. I believe that having students read poems aloud, having a class discussion and having students act out the poems will help give them a better understanding. I also feel that because poems, for the most part, are shorter than scripts it would take the pressure off “dealing” with a full script. This unit is developed for seventh and eighth graders, but with some adjusting, using different poems and simplifying the lesson plan, I feel fifth- and sixth-grade teachers may benefit from this unit. As the poems are read aloud this would help with the reading aspect. The lesson plans would help students in understanding what they are reading. I feel that teachers can also use this concept of the lesson plan for other reading material.

(Recommended for Drama, grades 7-8)

Key Words

Acting Poetry Reading Theater Drama

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