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Verse and Virtue through an Early American Alphabet Rhyme, by Francine C. Coss

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Verse and Virtue through an Early American Alphabet Rhyme is a kindergarten unit centered around an early American alphabet rhyme. This unitís objectives will be implemented through the integration of social development strategies and phonics teaching methods currently used in kindergarten curriculum. Beginning in early September, students will review the alphabet. Once the introduction to the entire alphabet is complete, one letter of the alphabet, beginning with A, will be taught each week. To enhance the phonics strategies, an early American alphabet rhyme will be read and a coloring book containing illustrations for the early American alphabet rhyme will be used for reinforcement. New terminology and vocabulary will be defined with the introduction of each new letter of the alphabet. Moral references found in each stanza of the early American alphabet rhyme will be discussed and related to current social development topics. Occupations and behaviors mentioned in the alphabet rhyme will be illustrated through active participation and modern-day examples. An insight about early American life will come to fruition in mid-April. Field trips, guest speakers and a school-wide poetry day will be planned as culminating activities.

(Recommended for Language Arts/Phonics and Social Development/History, kindergarten and grade 1)


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