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Nativist and Racist Movements in the U.S. and their Aftermath, by Henry A. Rhodes

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My unit has five major areas of concentration. First, I examined the effect England had on American society in relationship to its fear and hatred of the Catholic Church. Next, I present the history of the Know Nothing movement which also helped perpetuate the fear and hatred of Catholicism. The scope of the Know Nothing bigoted beliefs was not to be limited to Catholics, but included all foreigners except those with Anglo-Saxon ancestry. This was another focus of my examination of this movement. Afterwards, I turned my attention to the Ku Klux Klan and presented a brief history of this organization in the United States. Finally, I concluded my unit by presenting the historical background of two organizations which would develop in the face of nativism and racism in the U.S. They are the Mexican American Youth Organization and the Nation of Islam.

(Recommended for Social Studies, grade 8, and American History, grades 9- 12)


Religion Nation Islam Chicano Civil Rights Mexican Americans Ethnicity

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