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In the Struggle for Equality and Justice for All, by Cynthia H. Roberts

Guide Entry to 94.04.06:

This unit was written for Special Education students in grades nine through twelve, who are not easily motivated and whose reading levels are below grade level. I am always in search of new ideals to use with them. The cognitive components of this unit are designed to increase the studentsí ability to conceptualize and generalize about ethnically related events and to collect and evaluate data related to race ethnicity. The affective component is designed to help students analyze and clarify their attitude and feeling related to racial and ethnic groups and to reduce racial and ethnic prejudices. This unit will focus on the struggle for minoritiesí rights. It describes the civil rights movement of the late 1950s and the 1960s. It traces the roots of the movement in the second-class treatment accorded many Black Americans and describes attempts to correct unfair laws and customs. This unit also points out how the civil rights movement inspired other groups, such as farm workers and women, to combat what they, too, considered unequal treatment.

(Recommended for History, grades 9-12)


Race Relations American Civil Rights Sixties History Afro-American

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