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Exploring the Oceans, by Paulette Joyce Byer Silkoff

Guide Entry to 94.05.08:

This unit, written for fifth grade, explores general knowledge of the physical, chemical and geological oceans. Depending on your time allotment, this unit could be completed in three to five weeks. Throughout the unit there are experiments and activities for the students to do independently as well as with you in class. Some of the activities include graphing, researching, and writing assignments. There is an experiment form for you to copy for the student observations and there are illustrations you may copy to make transparencies. All vocabulary words are written in bold letters for your convenience. There are four complete lesson plans within the unit, and a bibliography for your use and one for the classroom.

To carry out my objectives I have used a question and answer format throughout the unit. Included are methods for the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learner, as well as small group and individual activities. The topics covered are: the physical ocean—where did the oceans come from, the depth, color, darkness, temperatures, tides, waves, currents, water pressure, diving and the purposes for protecting the ocean; the chemical ocean— saltiness of the water, check for salt, substances found; the geological ocean—the ocean floor, sounding, and sediments.

(Recommended for interdisciplinary use, grade 5)


Oceanography Ecology Environmental Science

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