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Using Film and Literature in the Elementary Classroom: The Jungle Book, by Gretchen L. Gallagher

Guide Entry to 95.02.05:

This unit was designed for use with a class of third grade boys who exhibit problematic behavior and social and emotional difficulties. The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling was chosen for the following reasons:

-its status as an example of “classic” children’s literature
-the availability of both animated and live-action versions of the novel on videotape
-the interesting and exciting nature of the story itself
-the possibility of studying rain forests, Rudyard Kipling and India at the same time or before studying the novel and films
Included in the unit are:
-activities to complete while learning about the rain forest
-information about and references for studying India and Rudyard Kipling -guidelines and sample questions for reading The Jungle Book with the class
-a storyboard activity to complete before viewing the films
-a movie review to complete after viewing the films
(Recommended for Science, Social Studies, Language, grades 1-3)

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