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High School Arts: Dance for Literature and Film, by Cheree R. Knight

Guide Entry to 95.02.07:

The curriculum unit that Iíve provided entails six variations of potential lesson plans for dance teachers on the high school levels. I have concentrated on dance classes/projects for high school students because the lessons require intermediate to advanced skills, both cognitively and physically. The students will need to have competent individual and group-work skills. It is possible that dance teachers of junior high school students may find some of the variations present a positive challenge for their students. Therefore, although I am focusing on the high school level, dance teachers of different grades should not be reluctant to use the unit as a suggestive guideline for lesson plan alternatives and/or additions to their existing curricula. The unit is divided into six lessons. The lessons consist of objectives (activities), teacherís goals, and examples I myself have used and plan to incorporate into my curriculum at the Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School, all of which I have developed as a result of my dance training and experience.

I have provided, at the end of the unit, an example of one of my ballet production goals for the 1995-1996 academic/arts year. I will choreograph a ballet for the story of Sula by Toni Morrison. It is my hope that the ballet will move the audience(s) to read the literature, and encourage a stronger following/support system for the New Haven Comprehensiveís dance art departments.

(Recommended for Dance/Arts, high school level)

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