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A Comparison Study of Water Habits for Primary Age Children, by Cynthia E. Wilson

This science unit maps out ways for the primary grade teacher in New Haven to make relevant to students two distinctly different local geographical areas and the diversity of their indigenous wildlife and geology. This unit is designed to help small children make sense of the world around them and gain a perspective of their place in it.

Freshwater river habitats are compared to saltwater coastal environments through the study of the wetlands of East Rock Park and the wetlands and coast of Lighthouse Point Park. We focus on comparisons between freshwater habitats, using the Mill River as an example, and salt water habitats, using Long Island Sound as a reference. We compare how each unique aquatic environment provides habitats for very specific life forms. The sample activities presented are hands-on activities that are motivating and easy to implement in the classroom or outdoors at a field site. This unit will help lay the foundation for children’s further investigation into their own accessible surroundings.

(Recommended for grades K-2)

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