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Nicotine Addiction to Disease: Growing Up With the Tobacco Industry by Terence Ayrton

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This is a health and social studies unit on the tobacco industry and smoking-related illnesses. It begins with a history of tobacco in the Americas, and how its use spread throughout the world. This global tobacco market created a tobacco industry which is now under intense scrutiny by the media, government, and society at large.

The tobacco industry aggressively markets and sells cigarettes, a product which kills 350 thousand Americans each year. For tobacco companies to maintain their current sales, they must recruit 2.2 million new smokers each year.

Cigarette advertising is aimed at the young. Everyday, 3 thousand teenagers become regular smokers addicted to nicotine. One thousand will eventually die of smoking-related illnesses.

The goal of this unit is to empower children with knowledge about tobacco and smoking-related illnesses.

(Recommended for Social Studies and Health Education, grades 4-5)

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