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Moving Communities And Immigration Into The Bilingual Classroom by Pedro Mendia-Landa

Guide Entry to 96.04.09:

The immigration experience from country to country consists of a long process. One of the central objectives of this unit is to create an understanding among children on the elementary school level, as well as anyone else reading the unit, of the steps an immigrant takes when departing a country or community and resettling in a new one.

Children will become aware that there are immigrants in every country; that everyone is an actual immigrant or a descendant of one; the fact that immigrants have reasons why they move from one community to another or from one country to another; that immigrants arrive in the country of destiny by different means; that immigrants need to make choices about who and what to take on their journey; and that immigrants need to adjust to a new way of life, often without their families and support systems.

This unit includes a set of suggested lessons. The lessons in this unit are set up so that the children and their families, as part of their new community, self discover and share information regarding their heritage and migratory process to their new community or country.

(Recommended for Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics, grade 2, adaptable for K-4)

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