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Astro-Cosmos, The Last Frontier, by Thomas Erwin Holmes

Guide Entry to 96.06.05:

Lessons are presented with looking first at concepts of Cosmology, the beginning of the Universe. The purpose is to expose and allow children simple concrete experiences to understand Universal Expansion. The objectives are focused on students gaining a workable knowledge of the shape of the Universe and the vastness of space and the stars and their relative distances. Drawings, pictures, models, experiments and other hands on activities will be the vehicles by which objectives will be met.

Secondly, lessons are presented on the Solar System in which we live. The purpose is to relate to concepts presented and allow for concrete experiences to help students understand the Solar System in which they live. The objectives are focused on students use of prior knowledge and to gain a workable knowledge of the Sun and Planets, and their relative distances. A number of other concepts and objectives will be developed through students interests and investigations. Drawings, pictures, models, experiments, projects and a wide range of literature and technological research tools will be the vehicles for student mastery.

(Recommended for Integrated Curriculum, grades 3-5)

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