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Books, Stories, Folktales, Poetry and More, by Joyce A. Patton

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My unit is designed to teach students about Hispanic culture through the reading and discussion of books, stories, folktales, poetry, rhymes, and songs. Brief descriptions will be given of some of the literature I plan to use in my classroom when teaching this unit. I will present activities, including art, in this unit that will relate to the Hispanic culture. The literature presented in my unit will be age appropriate. This gives my students a better understanding of another culture. My research will give other educators a valuable resource to utilize in their classrooms when teaching students about other cultures.

Students will study the history and demographics of Hispanic cultures to gain an appreciation for their many variations; they compare folktales from Nicaragua, the Hispanic Southwest, and Mexico. They explore ancient and modern civilizations, focusing on Mexico and Central America, to gain an understanding of historical events and cultural elements influencing the present-day Hispanic American population. They learn about the lives of youths in Hispanic communities, both in American cities and in Indian villages in Baja and southern Mexico.

(Recommended for Global Studies, grades 2-4)

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