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Struggle of Black Women, by Rolanda Ann Booker

Guide Entry to 97.03.01:

This unit is about the black female struggle to achieve happiness, because as a teacher I see the lost innocence of many young black girls. They have no goals for the future; they are content with the lives they have. They are led to believe the labels society has placed on them. Young black girls need to see that many other black females have overcome many obstacles to get into positions of success. They have to know that hard work is a big part of success, and that they should not settle for less then their potential will allow them.

In the unit there are different levels of books the instructor can use. The books suggested for reading are about black females who have very different situations, but the one common thread they share is the struggles they have gone through in their lives. The unit gives a broad overview of the the lives of black women who are positive role models for anyone to hold as an example. The unit details the progress of black females from the days of slavery to the the successful business women of today. The unit allows everyone to experience the struggle of a group of people and hopefully to make everyone more open-minded about and tolerant of all groups of people.

(Recommended for Literature and Social Studies, grades K-12)

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