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Daughter Dear, You’ll Always Be, by June Gold

Guide Entry to 97.03.03:

This is strictly a literature and language arts unit designed for third, and perhaps fourth grade. Using the following book list, each of the selections is accompanied by a spelling list, chapter questions, and writing prompts. These writing prompts are specifically designed to help prepare the third grade student with practice in the narrative writing format that is required by the fourth grade Mastery test which students take in September. Along with these plans, I strongly suggest making use of daily oral language lessons, which allow for regular teaching and steady reinforcement of the standard conventions of grammar.

At the end of the body of lesson plans are suggested unit culmination activities which reinforce the concepts explored throughout the theme. These cross-selection activities provide learners with the opportunity to demonstrate higher level thinking skills, requiring analysis and comparison between the plots, settings, and characters in each of the stories.

In addition, the student bibliography lists additional titles which relate to the theme of mother-daughter relationships. These are appropriate for those students who choose to further explore the theme, or for supplemental reading activities such as “read-a-loud” time or “reading buddies.”

Book List:

Little Women, Louisa May Alcott

Ramona and her Mother, Beverly Cleary

Sarah, Plain and Tall, Patricia MacLachlan

Meet Addy, Connie Porter

(Recommended for English, Reading, and Social Studies, grade 3-4)

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