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The City of New Haven, by Terence Ayrton

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This is a Social Studies unit on the City of New Haven. The unit is designed for upper elementary school age children in the New Haven community.

Every student should be required to study the basic social studies of his or her community at some point in the education process. Yet many students never learn about their local history, geography, or politics. This unit was written to address this need. The unit addresses two questions: What makes New Haven unique as a city? And how has New Haven changed over the course of its history? The students will be asked to address two questions also: What is my family history? What is my family ethnicity?

This unit will develop studentsí skills in reading, writing, researching, mapping, and basic computer skills. The students will be required to do research for writing reports and essays on the city. They will use the Internet, books and, guest speakers to gather information on New Haven. The unit contains field trip plans, lesson plans, student assignments, and a test of basic knowledge about New Haven.

(Recommended for Social Studies, grade 4)

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