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The Connecticut Watershed and Its Impact On Water Quality in Long Island Sound, by Joanne R. Pompano

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Science is an important but often difficult and challenging subject for blind and visually impaired students. However, with the benefit of adaptations in equipment, teaching procedures, lessons and activities, these students can acquire the skills necessary to complete assignments and gain scientific knowledge.

This unit, designed for students in grades 6-10, examines the geological formation of Long Island Sound and its watershed systems. In addition, it explores the types, causes, and consequences of pollution in Long Island Sound.

The curriculum has several objectives: l. To help students understand the importance of watersheds; 2. To teach about the Long Island Sound watershed and its impact on the water quality of the Sound; 3. To help students understand the impact of a local problem on global change 4. To help teachers understand how science lessons can be modified for visually impaired or blind students.

(Recommended for Environmental Science and Oceanography, grades 5-12)

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