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Nonpoint Source Pollution in Long Island Sound, by Mary-Alice Howley

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This teaching unit is one of four on the subject of Long Island Sound. The science, drama, study skills, and reading teachers are collaborating to create an enriched learning experience for the students at Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School. The reading lab unit has been designed to help remedial students succeed in their earth science class, specifically with the science lessons that focus on geologic history, watershed, and pollution of Long Island Sound. This unit has seven objectives. The first five concern acquiring factual knowledge of Long Island Sound, including a global perspective of the soundís unique properties. The last two objectives concern collaborative group learning, the development of research skills and people skills that can be applied to ongoing science reports and to future learning situations. The field trip component supports all seven objectives. The field trips motivate as they introduce the students to essential concepts through hands on observation and data collection. The culminating activity is a town meeting where each research group gives an informal poster presentation on their research topic.

(Recommended for Earth Science, Remedial Reading, and Study Skills, grades 7-8)

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