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Slavery of Africans in the Americas: Resistance to Enslavement, by Yolanda G. Jones

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This curriculum unit was developed to help educators teach about the enslavement of Africans in the Americas. This curriculum unit uses film and other media to show the various forms of resistance that slaves carried out. This curriculum unit will describe the passive day-to-day forms of rebellion that African slaves participated in such as refusing to bow down to slave masters, faking illnesses, and pretending to be unable to understand or remember slave master's orders.

This curriculum unit will also describe more aggressive forms of rebellion the African slaves carried out such as arson, poisoning, murder, self-mutilation, learning to read and write and running away to form slave maroons.

It is my intent that this curriculum unit will help students to understand that Africans resisted their enslavement in the Americas. It is also my suggestion that this curriculum unit be used as a supplement to teaching students about the Middle Passage and life for the African slaves in the Americas.

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