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Discrimination and the Struggle for Equality: African Americans in Professional Baseball: A Reflection of the Civil Rights Movement, by Jean Sutherland

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This unit attempts to develop an understanding of black baseball and the Negro Leagues as they existed in the United States during the days of segregated professional baseball. This study will relate to an examination of African American history from slavery through the Civil Rights Movement. It is hoped that the pupils will make appropriate connections between the two areas of study and that one will enlighten the other. A major component of this unit is the use of films selected to make events more realistic to students, especially the third graders at whom the material is primarily directed. It is a unit which may easily be adapted to other children and situations. I would particularly recommend developing an adapted version for older children. The unit is also part of a team composed of teachers in the same seminar with related units . These other units were written by Geraldine Martin, Renee McKinnon, and Jean Gallogly.

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