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Favored Holidays of Children outside of the USA, by Gwendolyn Robinson

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This unit covers a variety of subject areas but its main purpose is cultural awareness and appreciation. The age groups targeted are 8-12 years old. Mathematics/Measurement, Food Pyramid, Following Directions, Nature/Classification, Earth Science, and Language lessons are included. Each holiday is presented with a lesson that will help your students practice their Connecticut Mastery Test skills.

The four cultures that will be explored are the Spanish culture (Mexico), the Italian culture (Italy), the Jewish culture (Israel), and the African culture (Ghana). Specific holidays and celebrations form these groups that the children of these countries like are explained and expanded upon. Comparisons are made between the cultures and topics like the losing and regaining of independence between two cultures is discussed.

The intent of this unit is to introduce students to things that are important to children outside of the United States with the hope that they will better appreciate all cultures and people, as well as, gain a greater respect and appreciation for holidays, celebrations and practices of the wide variety of different people here in the United States of America.

Most of the materials used to complete the lessons are available in your home or classroom. Those that are not can be purchased inexpensively.

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