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The Sun, by John K. Grammatico

Guide Entry to 98.06.03:

This unit deals with the Sun and its effects on our everyday lives. It is intended for the second grade, however, it can be adapted for the first or third grade. The unit includes background information on the Sun such as distance from Earth, temperature, and size. It also includes other important information such as details on sunspots, solar flares, rainbows, and solar eclipses (the unit also includes a schedule of solar eclipses up to the year 2010).

This is an interdisciplinary unit that includes the subjects of science, art, history, and math. Students will experience the Scientific Process, as they become involved in experiments. The concept of changing seasons is fully explained with an activity explaining this rather complex subject.

The main purpose of this unit is for students to see how important the Sun is to our existence. Students will be engaged in activities and experiments to prove the Sun's importance.

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