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Pandemic Pet Population: The Reproductive Responsibility of Pet Owners, by Francine C. Coss

Guide Entry to 98.07.01:

Reproduction is a difficult concept for 5 and 6 year old children to understand, especially if it is only applied to humans. By discussing pet or animal reproduction at the Kindergarten level, or at any grade level, as an alternative to human reproduction, the complexities of subject matter and the moral issues that may effect subject comprehension will be replaced with hands-on examples and first-hand experiences. All in all, this unit will discuss mammal, bird, fish and reptile reproduction and how the lack of reproductive control can lead to poor pet health, overcrowding and eventually death.

This unit will be implemented through various classroom lessons, hands-on experiences, field trips, guest speakers and technology. The students will be assessed following each main concept or activity through small projects, oral presentations and/or technology-based review.

The many lessons presented within the body of this unit are equally as helpful as the three specific lesson plans found at the conclusion of the unit. The readings, lessons, activities, and field trips can be easily altered for any grade level; however, the topics covered by this unit are best used for grades K through 5.

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