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Wednesday and Friends: Looking at the Chinese Family Through the Eyes of Women Authors, by Geraldine M. Martin

Guide Entry to 99.01.09:

In my unit I describe ways in which children can use literature as a means for gathering information and appreciating a culture vastly different from their own, and at the same time enhance their own reading skills at the first grade level.

Through the eyes of women authors and their written works and pictures, we get a glimpse of China and its people, and learn from their roots and traditions. Women play an important role in the family; children haven't always had a chance to hear their voices. When looking at the family, we concentrate on these voices of women.

Wednesday Delight (a puppet) assists the children in gathering information about the values and traditions found in the Chinese family. Literacy plays an important role in every facet of the unit. Books such as Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong, Amy Tan's books, The Moon Lady and The Chinese Siamese Cat are just a few stories found in the unit.

The unit is part of a team effort in which a kindergarten teacher, first grade teacher, third grade teacher and a library media specialist from L. W. Beecher School help students become knowledgeable about families of different cultures, using children's literature written by women authors.

(Recommended for Reading and Language Arts, grade 1.)

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