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Popular Mexican Arts, by Val-Jean Belton

Guide Entry to 99.02.02:

I have designed this unit for visual arts students who are enrolled in advance art courses. The students who participate in these classes should have had some previous knowledge of Mexican arts and crafts from other art classes.

Through a brief historical investigation, this unit will introduce students to the history of Mexican art, and how the arts of today link to that of the Pre-Columbian cultures of Mesoamerica. As active problem solvers in art, students will complete their own research on the Pre-Columbian art using the Internet.

One of the issues students will address in their research is the history of Pre-Columbian art. Students will also research and develop an understanding of Pre-Columbian art and its relationship of Mexican art today. They will also gather understanding about the relationship of themes in Pre-Columbian art and today's popular Mexican art.

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with different techniques and develop arts that are a part of the Mexican culture. These crafts consist of yarn paintings, amate paper cutouts and paintings, and gourd designs.

The Yale Art Gallery will be utilized as a foundational resource where students will visit and learn to analyze and interpret Mesoamerican art in order to develop a one-page critique.

(Recommended for Advanced Art, grades10-12.)

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