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Diego Rivera: a Man and His Murals, by Susan L. Norwood

Guide Entry to 99.02.06:

The curriculum unit Diego Rivera: a Man and His Murals was written for fourth grade students. The unit will enhance the Social Studies curriculum as well as the Art curriculum. In this unit students will learn about the artist Diego Rivera, the Mexican Mural movement and New deal Programs. Moreover students will learn about the murals in New Haven, Connecticut created during the Works Progress Administration and how they relate to the Mexican mural movement.

The students will learn how mural art can teach a wide audience. The students will demonstrate what they learned by creating a mural in their school. This is an interdisciplinary unit that will be taught by the fourth grade teacher, the art teacher and the media specialist. Computer and research skills will be developed and the reading of biographies will be sued as a research tool. The length of the unit will be one month. Several field trips will be planned in order to view some local murals in neighborhood schools.

(Recommended for Social Studies, grade 4.)

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