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Chemistry For Everyday Living, by Judith A. Puglisi

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This unit is written for self-contained high school special education students, but would also be appropriate for mainstream middle school students. The content material covered will be very basic information one would need to begin to develop a very simple understanding of everyday occurrences. After a brief historical overview, the properties of matter, the periodic table, and atomic structure will be introduced. Three-dimensional models will be made to help students develop an understanding of abstract concepts. The students will be required to make observations, collect data, and engage in simple experimentation. Students will also be asked to explain changes in matter using scientific vocabulary learned during the unit. The three main objectives of this unit are:

To develop language skills needed to engage in scientific investigation.
To develop the social skills necessary to engage in collaborative problem solving.
To develop an understanding of the role chemicals play in our everyday lives.
(Recommended for Special Education Science, grades 9-12.)

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