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Introduction to Chemistry, by Lucia Rafala

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INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY is a multisensory thematic unit which will introduce basic concepts in Chemistry to students with moderate mental retardation between the ages of nine and thirteen. While this unit is intended for students with special needs, regular education teachers at the primary level may find this information appropriate for their classes. INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY integrates many curriculum areas around the common theme of basic chemistry. This unit incorporates math, reading, science, and lab work into an appropriate thematic unit for students with special needs or early primary classes. INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY addresses varies learning styles by utilizing graphing, KWL's, and hands one lessons and experiments. In addition, alternative methods of assessments are addressed. For example, this unit utilizes journal writing and portfolios to chart progress and mastery of objectives. Also, a section on vocabulary and language is included to address the need for a common vocabulary in Chemistry. This unit provides background information necessary to the planning of varied lessons. In addition, this unit provides the teacher with teaching methodology and strategies, sample lesson plans, and an annotated bibliography of teacher and student resources along with internet sites appropriate for students in the area of chemistry.

(Recommended for Special Education Science and Math, grades K-5.)

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