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Galeria De Pinturas, by Michelle Sepulveda

Guide Entry to 00.01.06:

"Galeria De Pinturas is a curriculum unit designed to enlighten middle school students about Caribbean culture through the eyes of women writers. Through the use of essays and short stories, students will create dramatic pieces and sketches that will form the basis of choreography and poetry to be presented to the school body. A dramatic tool known as creating tableaus will be used to craft visual images that will be brought to life by the students.

Obviously, senses and sounds, as well as sights and scenes, will be used to be realistic when presenting the pictures that will make up the gallery. The use of frames built in Drama class will highlight the presentations in a frozen mode before coming to life.

The students will read material from three distinct islands in the Caribbean-Puerto Rico, Cuba, and The Dominican Republic. Through the study of these cultures we will identify the similarities and differences of these three countries. Our student body at West Hills Middle School has representation of these three cultures among it. The study of the Caribbean will enlighten the students about their peers as well as help us to celebrate National Hispanic Month from a fresh and feminine perspective.

(Recommended for Drama and Dance, grades 5-8.)

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