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Juvenile Justice/The Real Deal, by Deborah Smereczynsky

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This is a unit designed to teach grades eight through twelve. The population to be taught is special education and regular education students. Currently I am an eighth grade special education teacher in an inclusion program. The special education teacher and the regular education teacher collaborate to give to the students the most and best education. This unit is a reflection of the work that I am responsible for throughout the school year, working with regular and the special education students, raising the expectations for all and reaching beyond that bar.

The unit to follow will be used for the duration of eight weeks in the United States History class and the Reading class. In the reading class we will read some of the articles in the suggested readings. This will prepare the class for the activities in the History class. The unit will be used with both regular and special education students.

As a final class activity, we hope to take a trip to our nation's capital, Washington D.C., in April of 2001. This will help the students further understand the lawmaking aspect of juvenile law.

(Recommended for U.S. History and English, grades 7-8.)

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