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How Public Should Public Education Be?, by Jennifer Drury

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The unit is dedicated to an understanding of current privacy laws and controversies regarding students in public schools. The understanding is then utilized to bring about a discussion of student privacy in the classroom. This discussion is the basis for students to write a persuasive essay that has a strong introduction and conclusion and utilizes material from the articles discussed. The unit clearly delineates current law and contrasting opinions. Also discussed are two educational reforms that have brought privacy issues into the classroom: the values-clarification approach and Outcome Based Education. Finally, the CAPT is discussed so those teachers outside Connecticut who wish to utilize the unit understand the purpose and focus of the CAPT. Four lesson plans bring the students from the discussion of privacy to the actual final draft of the persuasive essay that explains their own opinions on the topic given the information from the articles.

(Recommended for English and Social Studies, grades 9-10.)

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