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The Influence of Jazz Music in Twentieth Century Art, by Janna Leigh Ryon

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While there are distinct levels of understanding about how music influences society, this unit looks at it as it influences visual art in the Twentieth Century. It attempts to provide students with a concentrated look into music as it affects artistsí lives and the art they produce. As artists related their work to the music they heard and how they felt, the students should learn that there is more to music than what they hear. As music produces strong emotions, the unitís purpose is to heighten studentís awareness and give them ideas of how music not only influences themselves, but others as well.

In this unit, the students will listen to various musical selections and gain different perspectives on them. The students should tell the class how it affects them and everyone should listen and take note of each studentsí comments. They will be asked how they think the music affected each artist emotionally. After listening to each selection, the students will then look at the comparable artwork and they will be asked questions concerning how they think the music influenced the artist in that particular painting.

Using the history of specific musical selections and musicís impact on emotions (our emotions and the artistsí emotions), this discussion of music and related artwork will provide a unique approach to the study of jazz music and visual art.

(Recommended for Music Appreciation, and General Music, grades 7-12.)

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