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Haiku: An Introduction to Writing and Discussing Poetic Form, by Judith Katz

Guide Entry to 01.03.09:

I believe the core of creative success is based on three factors; learning to navigate between task and process, having the discipline to repeat that navigation progressively until you reach a product that is as complete as you are capable of imagining. In this unit my objective is to teach my students how to navigate progressively through their first experience of poetic form: the Haiku. I intend to teach them the elements of a common vocabulary that will act as a: writing guide, editing checklist, and means of objective, constructive critique. And I plan to do it in an eight week unit. The elements of a common vocabulary which are described in detail in this unit are: container, content, concept, observation, common language, hosimi, painting a picture, the five senses, detail, the Haiku moment, present tense, observation rather than statement, and editing.

(Recommended for Creative Writing, grades 7-12.)

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