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Geometry of Bridges, by Michael Golia

Guide Entry to 01.05.09:

As a teacher in the New Haven school system I have come to realize that students need to relate school with something in their life. Many of the students cross many bridges to get to school. The topic of bridges will help me introduce geometry into a real life application. The hands-on approach used in the building of a bridge project will develop student’s academic and social skills. As students work on bridge construction in cooperative work groups they will apply not only mathematical principles but also social problem-solving strategies as they discover their “way” may not always be universally embraced. I have seen some students that get hooked on a project take it from its beginning to completion. This combination of geometry, working as a team, and having a project will help the students feel a sense of learning while having fun.

(Recommended for Geometry/Math, grades 9-12.)

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