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Getting to Know Yourself: Developing and Accessing Intrapersonal Intelligence Among Early Adolescents, by Dina Pollock

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This unit draws on the theories of emotional intelligence (Salovey and Mayer; Goleman) and multiple intelligences (Gardner) to help young adolescents in grades 7 through 9 expand their view of their strengths and abilities. The goal of the unit presented here is to help students understand the nature of self-awareness (intrapersonal intelligence, as defined by Gardner) and increase their ability to understand and access their inner lives and abilities.

Conducted in a small group format of weekly sessions rather than in a conventional classroom, this unit utilizes experiential techniques including art projects, games, activities, discussions and personality inventories to help students learn about themselves and others and to understand what makes each of them unique.

(Recommended for Social Work Counseling Groups, and Social Development Courses, grades 7-9.)

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