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Teaching Awareness of Human Development, by Afolabi James Adebayo

Guide Entry to 01.06.03:

Teachers often experience the problem of students falling asleep in the classroom. This problem is prevalent during the first and second periods. This is a problem that would be addressed in this unit. The objective is also for students to identify the pros and cons of sleep behavior and its effect it will have on their bodies. This unit will help to encourage students to analyze the following: 1) reading comprehension, 2) positive thinking towards their lives and 3) having self-confidence in themselves where will lead to positive directions. Stress and lack of sleep can lead to self-destructive behavior such as absenteeism, school dropout, fighting stemming from anger, frustration, and isolation.

Goal: When this unit is completed, students will be able to understand the main ideas and increase their level of critical thinking in various situations. The students will be able to distinguish fact from opinion and identify different consequence to various situations.

(Recommended for grades 9-12.)

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