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Jewels of Endurance, by Marlene H. Kennedy

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Students will read two historical novels about children living in America during the Great Depression of the 1930s and the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. These novels, survival stories featured in a language arts unit aimed at sixth graders, have been selected to offer students an opportunity to respond to literature and to engage in a process in writing that results in publishable text. Both novels are integrated with the social studies curriculum, which focuses on American history from the period after the Civil War to the present day. "Jewels of Endurance" will teach children the importance of persevering, despite hardships. Children will learn the true jewels of endurance are the stories of the human condition that go beyond the limits of time. Such stories transcend all barriers to give hope to those who follow. In addition to the two featured stories, children will be exposed to a variety of picture books, companion novels, and non-fiction texts appropriate to the time periods. They will also compare their novels to two films about each of the decades, listen to old time radio shows, produce their own radio dramas, and they will have an opportunity to engage in several artistic endeavors.

(Recommended for Language Arts and Social Studies, grade 6.)

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