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Child Survival Stories: Hope to Cope Synopsis, by Kevin P. Inge

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My Child Survival Stories: Hope to Cope was created to give students positive direction and motivation to succeed in life. The unit explores areas that include captivity, slavery, racism, poverty, gangs, and education. Sociology and character building are major components. Our youth today are faced with many challenges. They are often unclear to what they are surviving or how to cope with it. In my unit students will explore how other children overcome tremendous obstacles to succeed in life.

This unit was designed with middle school students in mind. It can be adapted to meet the needs of any students. The books I've selected for this unit tap many of the struggles inner-city students facetherefore giving them interest and motivation. The students will engage in art, drama, games, poetry, writing, reading, pen pals, science, history, sociology and problem solving skills.

(Recommended for History, Language Arts, and Science, grades 5-7.)

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