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The Aquatic Environment, by Judith Dixon

Guide Entry to 02.05.04:

This unit will focus on the aquatic environment and the fisheries. The unit will address 'Fishing Advisories' that are in place to protect individual fish species. The various fishing methods and aquaculture will be explored. The children will research and design experiments dealing with the current health risks that mercury play in the health of both fish and humans. They will have a long term project cultivating and growing sea animals. Field trips will also be a part of their study and research. This year my class visited the Northeastern Fisheries Science Center in Milford, CT. The research projects and general information were quite impressive. Next year, I will take my class there on a field trip. I will also modify the information acquired during our seminar to teach to my students.

(Recommended for Science and Geography, grades 4-6.)

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