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Food and Your Body - How to Maintain a Healthy Diet, by Mary Jones

Guide Entry to 02.05.05:

This unit is designed to help students learn to eat healthier. Students will become familiar with many Food Guide Pyramids. They will learn the daily-suggested servings from each food group and also how to identify a serving size. There is a section that focuses on the proper handling, storing and preparing of meats, especially beef.

Students will visit the Experimental Test Station to participate in an activity to test for pesticide residue on raw fruits and vegetables. They will learn the most effective way of washing food that will be consumed raw.

There is a section on eating healthy at a fast food restaurant. The number of calories is given for selected fast foods. Students will come to realize that eating healthy does not mean giving up all the food you enjoy!

The unit includes a web site where students can visit to determine the number of calories burned while participating in 158 different activities.

This is not a diet. It is a plan designed to help healthy young people make better food choices. Students seeking to lose weight because of obesity or medical complications should be referred to the proper health care provider.

(Recommended for Science, grades 6-12, Home Economics, grades 6-8, and Nutrition, grades 9-12.)

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