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Healthy Diet, Healthy Eyes, by Joanne R. Pompano

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A healthy well-balanced diet is essential to the growth and development of the visual system. This curriculum is designed to help students understand the relationship between a healthy diet and healthy eyes. It assists students in their efforts investigate the problems that occur when diets are not balanced or are tainted by growth and processing techniques. In addition, students are made aware of how certain eye conditions can develop or be controlled by certain foods or supplements to diets.

The unit begins by exploring the role of nutrition in the prenatal development of the visual system. It also provides information on the problems that occur such as diseases and disorders that are caused or made more problematic because of poor diets. It also investigates eye disorders and the role of diet in visual problems.

Developed for students in high school, this unit will assist visually impaired and blind students in their efforts to explore, analyze, and understand the importance of good nutrition for the health of an individual. The project will focus on the development and of healthy eyes and visual processing.

(Recommended for Science, Ecology, Environmental Science, Health, and Special Education, grades 9-12.)

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