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For Optimum Health: Revising the Food Pyramid, by Gwendolyn Robinson

Guide Entry to 02.05.10:

The purpose of this unit is to change your way of thinking. It will concentrate on health, diet, and nutrition, in light of the USDA Food Pyramid. I think it's not designed to produce healthy human beings, but may, in fact, do just the opposite. As a result of much research and personal experience I have come up with the perfect Food Pyramid for Optimum Health. But you be the judge. Be sure you read all that is written here, do the research in light of the information presented, then give it a fair assessment by actively applying the principles and guidelines in your own diet. Give it at least one to three months following the plan precisely, then see if you feel this plan is worth presenting to our next generation of adults, your students. This may affect how you and your students see the school breakfasts and lunches as well. Hopefully, you will recognize the obvious need for change.

There is something very wrong here. Even the young people realize there is something wrong with the world. Not only do the buses crashing, child snatchings, drugs, illicit sex, and misuse of alcohol have their attention, but the growing incidence of diseases, obesity, and death as well. Practical approaches to resolving the problems of the latter group can be more easily adopted by the students if they are presented to them while they are practiced and modeled by us.

The content of this unit applies to all who hunger and thirst for the knowledge of a way to correct the erroneous health habits and to teach the same to others. No particular race, religion, creed, gender, or age should be excluded from the benefits within these pages. The foundation of this school of thought is presented metaphorically. The young and old alike can relate to this method of presentation. I have directed the information to fit young people from grades five - ten. It should take approximately one - two months to complete.

(Recommended for Health and Science, grades 5-10.)

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